Success Stories


"We have a little boy who just turned 1 in July. He has has trouble sleeping since birth. He has a sensitivity to dairy plus the occasional cold / allergies and teething which have caused dreaded tummy and ear problems. Any parent who experiences those long nights with a fussy baby knows how frustrating and exhausting it can be. The recommendations from pediatricians did not seem to help and we don't like the idea of giving our son medications so often. Dr. Matt Beachy, has helped him in all of these areas. Any time our son would wake up through the night and seem like he was in pain, we would take him to get adjusted as soon as possible. The adjustments are very gentle and Dr. Matt is very kid-friendly. As a result, our son miraculously sleeps through the night again, and seems more pleasant during the day. Dr. Matt even suggested a homeopathic to help with his occasional bump and bruise. There's nothing like a happy baby and a peaceful night's sleep! Thank you, Dr. Matt Beachy!"

~ Parents, Danny & Sarah S.

"Thank you Dr. Matthew Beachy!" I was referred to Dr. Matt by my cousin Carol. I was skeptical after she told me he uses "gadgets" in his office instead of "cracking" you like other chiropractors. She talked highly of Dr. Matt & convinced me to make an appointment. I hadn't been to a chiropractor for six months. 2006 had been a painful year. My first visit to Dr. Matt was enlightening. Their motto of "Is your head on straight" made a lot of sense to me. Showing and explaining my x-rays to me, helped in convincing me what was needed for my alignment. I had problem areas from head to foot. Neck, low back each hand and my right foot. He used his "gadgets" on me the first day. I call the one a little jack hammer. It loosens up the many tight spots that you usually don't know exist. My family docotr was about to send me to a specialist to see about Carpel Tunnel. Dr. Matt wanted to see what he could do, as if it was a challenge, to keep me from any operations. In summary, through the first six visits, any skeptical feelings went out the window early on. Neck: Motion in my neck was somewhat limited and headaches were occurring more often. I can turn my neck right, left, up & down easier and with a lot less strain. Low back: Tight, weak, limited motion & low energy level. Pain takes a lot out of you. Now I feel stronger, looser, and my tightness from arthritis in the early mornings has been diminishing. A lot better energy level also.

Right Wrist: I had hurt my right wrist from chopping with an axe in the summer of '05. All the other physical therapy that I had couldn't take all the weakness and pain away. Less than two weeks Dr. Matt had my wrist pain free.

Left Hand: My hand was always tingling and would go numb frequently throughout the day. Now my tingling is seldom and hardly ever goes numb.

Right foot: I had dislocated my foot in the mid '80's and tore up my tendons severely. Working in a factory on a cement floor, my foot had started getting weak spells at times and would also tingle. Dr. Matt worked on my foot only one time with the "little jack hammer". I haven't had any problems with my foot for the past two weeks.

That's right, he worked on me from head to toe, instead of just my spine like other chiropractors.

Looking forward to my eighth visit. Thank you again Dr. Matt"

~ Bruce H.

"I am a thirty-year old mother of three children. I have been suffering from regular occurring headaches for the past twelve years, dating back to an automobile accident in which I was involved. I am subjected to high levels of stress, which have aggravated my head, neck, and shoulders. Over the past twelve years, the symptoms have gradually worsened. The levels of pain have ranged from a dull throbing to severe debilitating headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. I have even been diagnosed with TMJ; and had to endure a grueling recovery from jaw surgery to overcome the pain. I have been to countless chiropractors and medical doctors. I have had numerous x-rays and have tried to find answers through an MRI as well. None of these attmepts has proved successful. The last two years have also been trying for my nine year old son. He has been suffering from migrane-like headaches. My husband and I have spent money on eye glasses in hope that he was just straining his eyes. We have been to our family doctor. Many chiropractors were also visited in our effort to alleviate the pain my son was enduring. Our last straw was drawn when we visited a neurologist that our then eight-year old son would likely be on perscription migrane medication for the rest of his life. THough his symptoms seemed migrane-like, I was convinced that another option was out there somewhere. So, for the last year, we searched. During this time, my son's headaches were becoming more frequent; four to five headaches per week were often common.

About 2 months ago, I was directed to Dr. Matthew beachy who uses a technique I was willing to try. Dr. Beachy's Atlas Orthogonal device adjusts the atlas at the top of the spinal column. Apparently, this small part of the human body can determine the well-being of many individuals who suffer from chronic headaches. Though the adjustment is virtuallu unnoticeable, the results are amazing! So much, that my son and I travel over two hours to get to each appointment and another two hours to get home. Dr. Beachy has helped relieve my chronic pain when I thought that I was doomed to live the rest of my life in pain. He has also brought out the true personality of my son; one that has been trapped by painful headaches."

~ Dawn, Age 30 Columbus Grove, Ohio