Dr. Matt and Family

Dr. Matthew Beachy D.C. 


Dr. Matthew Beachy graduated from Palmer Chiropractic School in 2004.
Dr. Matt's primary reason for learning this technique was because it was the only thing that helped his wife.  Dr. Matt's wife suffered from chronic hip pain, and had been to many different Chiropractor's for this problem.  Finally, she went to see an Atlas Orthogonal Doctor. After just 3 visits her hip pain was significantly better, and after 6 weeks or so, she was feeling great.  This convinced Dr. Matt that he should practice this technique. All of the techniques Dr. Matt uses are low force, and very effective.


Rebekah Office Manager

My name is Rebekah Beachy, and I am a success story!  I was injured in a volleyball accident when I was 19 years old. I was run over and twisted the right side of my body in.  There were days I could barely walk and had to rely on Ibuprofen or Tylenol just to make it through the day. I tried 6 different Chiropractors in my search for relief. Finally, after 3 years and lots of money, I tried an Atlas Orthogonal Doctor, and my search was over! Since being treated with Atlas Orthogonal and Neuro Emotional Technique, I am without pain!!  I thank God I will never have to live like that again!

Dr. Matt and wife Bekah 

Jaden and Kade