Atlas Orthogonal 101

The atlas is the top bone in your neck, and your head sits directly on top of it. It is also what connects your brain stem and spinal cord. Palmer found that when the spinal cord is impinged upon by the atlas being out of place, the messages going to and from the brain can't get through correctly. This can cause pain, high blood pressure, headaches, nerve issues, sickness, etc.

Chiropractors often see the atlas as being important and affecting the whole body, but few actually adjust it. Atlas Orthogonal is a special technique that uses sound to move the atlas. When the atlas is out of place it creates skeletal and muscular imbalances in the body. It also causes the body to tip, creating a long and short leg and hips that are not level. Adjusting the atlas allows the connections to be repaired, leg lengths to equal out, and the body to heal properly.